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We know that continual learning is part of every business owners journey. As a Certified WBE, we focus on providing training on topics specific to your experience.

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Regional Support

Florida is divided into five regions that are supported by coordinators. These individuals provide local insights, updates, and connection opportunities.

Regional Pages
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Join us each Monday at 1pm Eastern for a LIVE conversation with our regional coordinators and CEO. We provide updates from around the state and a weekly development training.

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We want to ensure that you know how to use your certification.

Our mission is to not only certify you, but it's to champion and collaborate as well. For that reason, we are constantly creating new content and trainings to ensure you know the most current information and facts to help your growth now as certified woman owned business.

Are you currently a Florida WBE?

Then please connect with us in our Florida WBE Community. This Facebook group is a great resource to connect with other WBEs, reach out for support, and get instant updates from us.

Jump in and introduce yourself. We are excited to connect with you!

*Please note that this group is for Certified WBEs only. We do offer a FREE group for non-certified business owners to learn more about our community (Click here).

Regional Pages

The pages provide you with information and resources from your area of the state.
Be sure to check these pages each week for updates.

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North Florida Region

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Central Florida Region

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Tampa Bay Area Region

Treasure Coast Region

Treasure Coast & Palm Beach 

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South Florida Region

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